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The DTrace Guide (short for "Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide"), is the freely available reference for DTrace, covering the D language and providers. It's complementary to the DTrace Book. It is recommended that you have both available when learning and using DTrace:

  • DTrace Guide: as the language and provider reference
  • DTrace Book: for examples, strategy and starting points

The DTrace Guide is applicable to all operating systems with DTrace, as the language is consistent. The most noticeable difference will be which providers are available, as they have often appeared in Solaris first before other OSes.

The DTrace Book includes a DTrace Guide summary as Chapter 2, and references the full DTrace Guide in other chapters. However, the URLs to the DTrace Guide as provided in the book will eventually stop working due to the Sun/Oracle transition. Working URLs are maintained below:

  • DTrace Guide for Solaris 10 (817-6223): HTML PDF
  • DTrace Guide for Oracle Solaris 11 (E22973): HTML PDF

Sorry for the nuisance, and please let us know if these links break (again)!

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